Lose fat without surgery with a new Ultrasound method which melts away fat. The breakthrough method of losing fat and getting a better figure means that surgery is no longer necessary for body sculpting.
Focused ultrasound waves are used to remove fat deposits without the risks of surgery, which have held many people back from losing those extra pounds and extra curves.
Lipo is a painless non-surgical ultrasound treatment to remove fat and reshape your body. It can restyle your figure and help you feel more confident about your shape; Lipo needs to be part of a healthy approach to your body.
 Lipo treatment may be carried out on both men and women whose fat is distributed unevenly.  It is not a method of reducing weight, rather a way to remove fatty deposits which persist despite a healthy and active life.

How does it Work?

Lipo is a painless ultrasound treatment to remove fat cells and reshape the curves of your body. It is a completely non-invasive and non-surgical approach to style your figure and trim your waist, hips, thighs and flanks.

Each course of treatment consists of 6 to 18 sessions which can be taken up to twice a week.  So the course can be completed in 3 to18 weeks this would depend on how many times a week you visit. 

Lipo uses gentle focused ultrasound waves to remove fat cells permanently. Once removed, these cells will not re grow. Ultrasound waves painlessly disrupt the walls of cells containing fat found below the skin within the sub-cutaneous fat layer, while other tissues such as blood vessels and nerves are unharmed.

As fat cells are not able to multiply, once remove they will not return helping to maintain a long-term fat reduction. (In other words, if you take "love handles"  away once, you can forget them forever. the fat cells will not return or re grow, so that is a permanent effect. However, the length of time that the body shaping will last for is completely in your hands. How much you eat and how much exercise you take will also affect your long-term body shape. So if you take in more calories than you use, you weight and fat will increase and the permanent removal of fat cells from your treatment will be hidden by your weight gain.

 The good news though is that you can use the opportunity of choosing to have Lipo to commit to eating sensibly and performing activities, such as exercise and sports, that get your heart beating and muscles working. This can have the effect of enhancing your body reshaping even further. Please remember that having Lipo is not a license to eat more or exercise less, and the long-term results are in your hands.

Where Does the Fat Go?

This is the most common question we get asked. The simple answer is that all the fat that is released heads via the bloodstream towards your liver where it gets processed.

Lipo works to reshape your figure. Ultrasound waves, through a process called ‘Cavitation‘, will break open fat cells and release the fat stored within. These cells do not re grow and are permanently removed. The released fat passes though your veins and lymphatic vessels to end up in your liver, which has the job of processing it.

The effect is as if you had just eaten a very fatty meal, except that in this case all that fat came from yourself - your stomach, hips, thighs, or whichever part of your body you had chosen to be sculpted into a new shape. Some of the fat will be used for energy instead of a meal and burned off as calories. Some other fat will be stored in the normal way and laid down again but this time evenly throughout your body and not back at the treated target areas.

In this way, Lipo (in the same way as liposuction) is not designed to drop your weight, but restyle your figure into a more desirable shape.

Which Areas Can be Helped?

Lipo is used to restyle your body rather than directly reduce weight. We all know the difficulty of losing fat in stubborn areas such as ‘love handles’, lower abdomen or outer thighs. Lipo is ideal for these targeted areas, helping to smooth contours and reshape your figure.

Areas where Lipo can help are:

* Hips and thighs* Waistline * Abdomen* Love handles* Stomach* Upper Arms

Does the treatment hurt?

Lipo is a pain-free procedure and requires no anaesthetic.

What are the advantages of Lipo over liposuction?

    * No need for general or local anaesthetic

    * Lipo is non-surgical and non-invasive

    * No downtime - patients can return to normal day to day activities immediately (with liposuction surgery, downtime is usually 7-10 days)

    * No risk of infection, scarring, bruising and irregularities

How long does the treatment take?

Each treatment takes 30-45 minutes per area.

How soon will I see results?

Often results are visible with the first session but will improve further over the course of 3 treatments. We will assess the final result 3 weeks after completing the six sessions. Maximum results require at least 6 treatment sessions per area.

Will the effect be long-lasting?

The fat cells treated with Lipo will not return or re-grow, so that is a permanent effect. However, the length of time that the body shaping will last for is really in your hands.

How much you eat and how much exercise you take will also affect your long-term body shape. So if you take in more calories than you use, you weight and fat will increase and the permanent removal of fat cells from your treatment will be hidden by your weight gain.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost of Ultrasonic Liposuction is as follows:

R1050 per session per single area.

R1050 +R500 per session per duplicate area such as: Thighs, Love handles, Hips, Buttocks and Arms

Following Ultrasonic Liposuction treatment, we also provide RF skin toning treatment which it's main goal is to remove and/or reduce flabby skin.

Normally, this treatment costs the same as the Ultrasonic Liposuction but we are giving it FREE of CHARGE (limited time only).

Clients will be also given an Aquamassage lymph drainage massage to aid a faster metabolism and less fat absorption into the body resulting in a faster fat breakdown which also acts as a Detox.          

Do I need to diet before doing Lipo?

No, though to maximise the weight loss you should have a balanced diet.

Do I need to remove my clothes?

The area receiving the fat loss treatment needs to be revealed and towels and gowns are available.

Will the weight loss treatment leave any marks on my skin?

No marks whatsoever will be left after using our slimming treatment.

What is the recovery process?

With this form of weight loss treatment there is NO recovery time as there is no pain, no injection and therefore nothing to recover from - you could even have it done during your work break!

What are the benefits?

With Ultrasonic Lipo you will achieve pain free fat loss with 2-20cms being removed from the abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks and various other areas.
Are there any reasons why I would not be able to slim ? The only people who we can't treat unfortunately, are people with Epilepsy, a Pacemaker, who have had a stroke or if you are pregnant, history of cancer, liver or kidney disease. It is advisable to communicate with the therapist any other condition you may have before signing up.

How much weight can I expect to lose on your programme?

On average, you can expect to lose between 2-20cms. Some people lose more and some people slightly less. But clients have lost between 5 kg to 12kg in a month on our Epique Wellness Program.

How often will I be weighed and measured on your programme?

An initial assessment whereby your BMI, calorie, water intake, goal weight and body fat percentage is calculated. All data is calculated based on a formula and will be emailed to you. You are welcome to weigh yourselves at your sessions.

What type of eating plan will I be following?

Upon joining your therapist will discuss all the relevant information with you regarding your dietary requirements and your exercise regime. From there, we will email you a calorie data sheet that will be best for you to follow. All of our calorie sheets are balanced and have been drawn up specifically for each individual client

How many sessions should I have?

Ultimately the choice is yours when deciding between our different length of contracts, but try to remember the longer you do any form of exercise, be it at the gym or with us, the better your results will be


What is the medical/physical result of using the machine on someone who has a thyroid problem?

Normally, this kind of patient can accept treatment.   Somebody with acute hyperthyroidism should not be treated. Hyperthyroidism is caused when there is too much thyroxin in the blood, a kind of auto-immune disease and can be graded i.e.: mild/moderate/serious.

The main symptoms of hyperthyroidism:

  • Nervous system:      easy to be excited, mental alertness, insomnia, cabin fever etc.
  • Hyper metabolism      syndrome, polyphagia, marasmus, palpitation, fatigue etc.
  • Exophthalmoses
  • Struma

What is the medical/physical result of using the machine on someone under 18 years of age?

From many clinical tests, it has been established that the machine is not suitable for someone under the age of 16 years.  In theory, the minor is still growing and developing and treatment may affect the growing process.

 What is the medical/physical result of using the machine on someone with osteoarthritis? Treatment is forbidden for all kinds of bone and joint diseases and someone with osteoarthritis can therefore not be treated.

 What is the medical/physical result of using the machine on someone using antibiotics or who is sick?

Normally, it is okay for someone who takes antibiotics to receive treatment. However someone who has a low immunity and has a fever or inflammation etc. is not allowed to be treated. Your body must have time to recover and renew itself first.

 What is the medical/physical result of using the machine on someone who takes blood thinning medication?

The treatment is not suitable for a person with a blood system disease, i.e. someone who suffers from or who has: heart cerebra vascular disease; normal hepatic/renal function; acute lymphocytic leukemia; dysaemia; anemic; elyctroid aphasia or hemorrhage; and diabetes mellitus may not be treated.

Blood thinning medication is used by people with blocked arteries or potential stroke patients. Will the treatment negatively affect a client of this classification?

No, the treatment will not have side effects on this classification of client.

What about pregnant women? Pregnant women are not allowed to be treated.

May women who are breastfeeding receive treatment? Yes, there will be no problem.  It will help their bodies to regain shape.

When the body is disposing of the fat cells, would you lose weight as well as have a change in the body contours? Of course, this is a multifunctional machine. You first use the Cavitation machine to lose weight, and then the RF machine for body contouring, tightening the skin again.  The two functions will guarantee a superior result.

 Do clients need to stop using body lotion/creams before the treatment? It is better to stop the use of lotion or creams about one day before treatment as it will clog the pores.  A clean skin will get the best result.  Make sure the lotions have been absolutely absorbed by the skin before you begin the treatment. After the treatment, Do not use curative cosmetic for two months afterwards. We suggest you use aloe cream or moisture holding cream.

Is the cavitation noise bad for ears/hearing? Some people find it too loud. Please be assured that the noise has no negative effects. Our machine has been through a very professional CE (CE marking is a declaration by the manufacturer that the product meets all the appropriate provisions of the relevant legislation) test, and we have obtained a CE certificate. There must be a sound in order for it to work properly.

 Is this methodology sanctioned by the FDA? Our machines are CE certified which is the European equivalent of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration is an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services).

 Can the treatment affect any other organs negatively? Not at all. It is perfectly safe.

 How is the fat removed? The fat is emulsified and metabolized through the lymphatic system and then passed through the liver. To speed up the process the client will have an Aquamassage lymph drainage.

 What happens to the fat cells?  They are removed with the fat.

 Can the fat return to that area?  Without a fat cell there is no place for the fat to go. Fat will find other cells in the body that haven’t been removed? Naturally a sensible diet will greatly aid the process.

How many treatments would I need?
That depends on the thickness of fat. The treatment will usually show an immediate change. We recommend minimum two sessions per week and not less than 5 to 20 sessions depending on the individual’s desired results. A typical session lasts a maximum of 30 minutes (15 minutes of effective ultrasound and 15 minutes of RF) depending on the patient and the area treated. After the initial treatments are completed, maintenance treatments (6months) consist of 4 sessions each month for 4 months followed by 2 treatments every month for 2 months. We offer an affordable payment plan: R2000 dep,R1500 per month over four months. 




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